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April 20, 2009
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Creative Commons License
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Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

Chapter 1
Amy quit the shopping center clasping some plastic bags in her hands. She was thinking about the way Sonic will react if he sees her new outfit. And then…
She noticed a black hedgehog with crimson stripes sitting on the ground near the wall. He noticed her as well. Shadow waved greeting the pink hedgehog, stood up from the ground and approached her.

"Hello, Amy." he said smilelessly.

"Hello, Shadow" replied Amy very chilly trying to hide her surprise.

"Haven't seen you for ages." noticed he.

"I guess." giggled the pink girl unsurely

"Mind if I accompany you?" asked Shadow.

"No" she said after a moment of silence "I don't mind"

"Then let me help with those bags of yours."

"Ah, yes, please." a fleeting smile touched Amy's lips. She never got much attention from males around. Sonic ran from her, Tails and Knuckles found her annoying and a distraction. "They don't seem heavy, but they kinda are."

While she was vacillatingly pronouncing that Shadow was already taking the bags from her and soon they continued walking in silence.
After a while Shadow broke the overextended silense:

"Amy, I just wanted to ask… Do you have any plans for tonight?"

Amy stumbled and stopped.

"Well, Shadow... I'm in love with someone else, you know."
The pink girl felt like running away. The idea of a date with someone except Sonic was somehow scary for her. The blue hedgehog was so unreachable that the distant dream of them being together was the safest way for her world to remain in balance. A real date... that indeed was scary.

"I can't." she almost whispered.

"Why?" calmly asked Shadow trying to meet her gaze.

"I'm Sonics girlfriend!"

"That's what you like to think..."

"No! He loves me! I know it!" she exclaimed.

"Or does he?" Shadow put the plastic bags on the pavement "Do you know where he is now?"

"He's... probably saving the world again!"

"Or having fun with some other girl." indifferently suggested Shadow.

"No! He's not like that! He loves me!"

"Or maybe he doesn't?"

"Stop asking these ridiculous questions!"  squeaked Amy.

"That's you who's acting ridiculously... Why don't you want to accept the simple truth? Why do you keep fooling yourself?" asked Shadow sarcastically.

"I do not!" she exclaimed more angrily.


Shadow pushed the bags aside and suddenly grabbed Amy and pulled her closely to himself.

"What are you doing?!" she screamed.

"Look!" he forced her to look him in the eyes "Have you ever been loved? Do you even know what it's like?"

Amy gasped not finding the words to answer. The dark hedgehog held her tightly and wasn't willing to let go. Untouched girl felt the force of Shadow's grip and the warmth of his body next to her.
Shadow embraced the girl more tightly and whispered in her ear

"Have you ever imagined what it would feel like?"

Amy felt tingles down her spine...

"I can show you..."

Amy's cheeks burned red and she pushed him away.

At last to her returned the ability to speak.

"You are...! You are...!" she screamed "You're a perv!"

"Why?" he raised his eyebrows.

"You... This..." Amy was trying to find words to describe what really made her worry.

"You think it's wrong to like you?"

"No, not that... Just..." the pink girl was unsure what to answer "I'm taken! I'm Sonics' girlfriend!"

"Is he aware of this?" Shadow smirked "Did he ever claim that you're his?"

"Uhm... no..." Amy lowered her gaze and then angrily yelled at him "BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN THAT HE DOESN'T THINK THAT WAY!!!"

"Hmph." the ebony hedgehog looked her in the eyes with a jeer "So why not find out? Why not ask him?"

"Fine! I'll ask!" Amy shouted, staring Shadow fiercely in the eyes.

He twitched his eyebrow and added with a grin:
"That will be interesting…"

"That's none of your business!" Amy replied pulling her hammer out of nowhere.

"Don't you start with the hammer again! We've been through this already!"

"Ahh!" Amy screamed and jumped forward to hit Shadow.

"Too slow" he laughed standing behind her.

Amy quickly turned around and tried to hit him again. But…
She even didn't notice how he managed to do that, but she found herself back in his arms with her hammer lying on the ground.
Green eyes met the red ones. Their noses touched. And then Shadow pushed himself a bit closer so their lips met.
That wasn't a kiss, just a hint on it.
Amy pushed back and freed herself.

"It's wrong! I can't!" she screamed.

"What is wrong? Didn't you like it?"

The last question made Amy blush.
"I can't! That's final!"

Shadow thought "She's a hard die. This girl." and said "Anyways, I can wait. Go talk to him and then decide."

Amy picked up her hammer and was ready to run away.

"Don't forget the bags" Shadow added mockingly.

Amy glanced at him fiercely, but picked up her purchases and ran away without saying anything.
Shadow just stood there seeing her off with his eyes.
Major EDIT: This story was getting on my nerves. Not only Shadow is too OOC, but he doesn't have any moral liabilities towards Amy.
That's gonna change soon. :giggle:

There is another story too.
There Shadow is not so OOC, so if you didn't like how that all started here - just give me another try.
So go here, please -> [link]

Got charmed by that pair of characters.
Carkki's work "Shadow the hedgehog" gave me inspiration too.
[link] :worship:
There are some refers to it in my fanfic.

All the events take place afer the ones decribed in her comic.
This is the suggested starting point of my fanfic)


A fanfic based on a fanfic = The Ultimate fanfic :XD:

I'm a comment addict, so please comment after

Preview by :iconkiss-the-thunder:


Shadow, Amy, Sonic, Chaos emeralds (c) SEGA
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I saw this one before, all what happened till Amy said "I can't" the first time , I saw all this in a comix somewhere but I can't remember, and it was colored...ugh if I can remember!
xXAngelTHXx Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I saw this one before, all what happened till Amy said "I can't" the first time , I saw all this in a comix somewhere but I can't remember, and it was colored...ugh if I can remember!
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